This article correlates with our philosophy and manifesto that you can read on our website or during our speeches. The more (things) we have, the more limited is our freedom. Therefore let’s all try that every object we have tell a good story and have meaning to us.
Quality over quantity 

“Life is complicated enough, don’t allow the little things to dictate your happiness. Simplify, simplify.”

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We’ve been working together for a long time, altough the idea of SIESTA was oficially born during DMY’12 in Berlin. We launched at Tent London, during London Design Festival. Since then the SIESTA family is gradually becoming bigger.


Check out our movie from London Design Festival.

How can you connect minimalism and production of objects? Our goal is to surround ourselves with smaller quantity of things and only those that are important to us. The same is with production – all projects from SIESTA family are made locally by amazing people and using only as ecological materials as possible.


Our interview for Unfotunately only in Polish. It’s our first time on video… New experience!

All the time we are being taught the consumerism approach. We should have more, more often and cheaper. An alternative is the minimalism and qualitative approach. To paraphrase the slogan of supermarket chains – less stuff, high quality… for years.

Nobody likes to talk too much about money, although it is important to realize that where and how we invest our money matters. Any such decision is a kind of manifesto of our values ​​and very tangible expression of our support (or lack of it).


All decisions we make at various stages of design are conscious. We carefully check every element and make every effort to choose so, that the impact on the environment was the least burdensome. We are trying to keep the same level of consciousness in everyday choices, when choosing food, transportation, clothing or cosmetics.


On the other hand, when large corporations are starting to talk about the ecology even just for advertising and increasing sales – global ecological awareness is increasing, which is a good “side effect”.


Ecology and being “eco” are becoming buzzwords. More and more often it’s just a clever marketing ploy. So it is worth to filter everything through your common sense and figure out who is trying to play us.

Very important element of work is who you work with. We are fortunate to co-operate with some really great people. Carpenters, modellers, locksmiths, masters of ceramics and metal artists. Each of them puts a lot of heart in his work. There is so much to learn from them…


SPIDEA is our creative studio, where we care about communication and brand identity. We create good projects that add good value. We contribute mostly to large cultural events, awereness campaigns but also interesting commercial projects.


SiSS is befriended brand founded by Zuzanna and her sister, Barbara. These are the clothes made if certified organic cotton imported from Turkey and sewn locally in Warsaw. Without harmful substances, with respect for people.

SIESTA is also about taking things slow, enjoying the moment. Cherishing who and what we have! Our biggest inspiration is the Nature.


The current level of knowledge and wide access to all kinds of information is so large, that it becomes really difficult just to ignore them. Almoast every type of behaviour is a choice and affects us all on the global scale. But let’s not get crazy. Let’s all act in accordance with our common sense and conscience. At first it might be difficult but we honestly believe that it’s worth it. Little steps matter!


Some memories from Open’er Festival.

Urban Market – we had some really nice time there