our story

In SIESTA we deeply believe that through useful and beautiful projects we can positively influence human lives. As minimalists we think, that the more
you have the more limited is your freedom. Therefore let’s all try that every object we have tell a story. Not just any story, good story, your story.

SIESTA – take it slow.

Zuzanna graduated with honors from the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Cooperated with numerous studios but eventually choose independent career. Actively designs products and graphics. A skiing instructor. She loves traveling – the most distant places she reached are India and Nepal.

Marcin graduated from the Political Science Faculty of the University of Warsaw. After few years of working as PR and marketing specialist created his own agency. Passionate about creative thinking, crazy about adding value. Admires Batman.

Inka is our dog. She understands SIESTA better than anyone and every day teaches us a lot about slow-life.