The shape that you know well and like, gained elegance and style. Natural materials, local production, hand made. It all makes each BABA unique and special. You may use it in many ways. Choose your favorite and use it as you like!


Why you’ll love it

  • Helps you in many ways.
  • Can help you tell your story.
  • Looks great wherever you’ll put it.
  • Will make you smile.
  • Reflects your character.

Why you’ll use it

  • Get some help in organising your things.
  • Because you like to have choice.
  • Looks good anywhere.
  • Both beautiful and practical.
  • Can contain a lot of different things.

Why it’s good

  • Hand made.
  • Made from a natural material – ceramic.
  • Made by master of the trade.
  • You support and appreciate small/local producers.
  • Fair trade.

What is it?

Matrioshka dolls are firmly rooted in Eastern culture, but recognizable in many parts of the world. BABA, thanks to hand made ceramics gains elegance and new applications, while keeping friendly shape and bringing warm thoughts.

BABAs ‘are dressed in’ graphics of various illustrators from around the world in a special, limited editions. They can refer to the traditional roots or be completely abstract. Each time gaining a new character.


BABA can store all kinds of things for you – from sugar or salt trough cosmetics and office accessories to the phone, watch or keys. Looks stylish, wherever it lives.

It is you, who give your BABA the function you want. You play and choose.

Story behind

Ceramic is one of our favourites materials. Natural and eco-friendly, allows to get fantastic results. Production of ceramics is a unique and challenging industry, maybe that’s why the manufactories we cooperate with are full of extraordinary people. With creating BABA we wanted to use beautiful and widely known shape but to give it a new style. Elegant and modern.

That’s why we invited young and talented graphic designers to cooperate with us. BABA’s with their illustrations are made in small, limited series so they are even more unique and special. A very important feature is BABA’s functionality. We do not want her to be just decorative figurine. BABA is a convenient container in which you can store numerous things. Useful both in the kitchen and the dining room as well as in the bathroom or the living room.

How we make it

The production process is very complicated, time and work consuming but at the same time extremely fascinating. The forms (after being prepared by the modeller) are molded and roasted in a blast furnace at very high temperature. This is how we obtain the first stage of production, called the biscuit. Afterwards it is glazed in white or black. Glazed BABAs are fired again.

After this stage, we put the illustrations in the form of screen-printing decals which has been prepared earlier by another specialist. This is laborious but worth the effort. We do this all by ourselves. After that, the BABAs have to be put in the oven again. Finished BABAs are carefully checked for quality and then packed.

The packages are specially designed to protect the project from damage. We want every BABA to get to you in perfect condition. We used uncoloured tecture called the microwave and screen printing with water-based paints to get the product as much enviroment friendly as possible.


Ceramics is a material known and used for around 13,000 years! It has many important features including resistance to high temperatures and chemical agents. Besides it has good mechanical and insulation properties as well as high hardness. Ceramics is used traditionally – as the part of home and laboratory equipment or construction industry but also in medicine, electronics and even aerospace industry. We love ceramics because it is a natural material with a long history, which works great in modern applications.


Whats in the box

In the box you will find the BABA of your choice. The packaging was designed to protect her in every situation. We want you to receive your BABA safe and sound.

They talk about us

„BABA – Siesta Studio’s new project is finally here.”(Purodeco)

„BABA dressed in graphics. Great project from SIESTA.” (Art and Business)

„We love how much SIESTA has thought through the position of BABA in their whimsical product line. (redesign revolution)

„ I got my BABAs and they are lovely! Huge, huge thanks! It will be a goooood day!”
Marta M, client

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