green lamp

Energetic mixture of nature and usefulness. It’s entirely good, loveable and changes every day.


Why you’ll love it

  • Because it brings nature to your home
  • Gives a choice and freedom
  • Changes everyday and surprises
  • Will be your friend
  • Makes you smile more

Why you’ll use it

  • Looks good wherever you put it
  • Has good influance on every interior… and you
  • Helps to relax
  • Get you closer to the nature
  • You become more aware and better

Why it’s good

  • Hand made in small series
  • You support and appreciate small and local producers
  • By observing its growth and taking care of the plant you coexist with nature
  • Made by masters of the trade
  • You bring a new life

What is it?

Unique combination of a lamp and a flower pot, in which you can plant whatever you desire. You lend the character to the lamp, which evolves every day with the growing plant. The play of light and shadow changes with the form and growth of the plant. Unique and surprising every day, will share your joys and make you feel better when you’re sad. We managed to join two completely different elements. Inanimate object livened up, the plant acquired surprising properties. It turned out they suit so well to each other that they became inseparable.
Taking care of the plant we get closer to the nature. We treat environment, our loved ones and finally ourselves… better. After a while the green lamp gets so close to the heart that it almost becomes a family member.

Story behind

Nature is our biggest inspiration. We just love to watch her amazing features, beauty and mysterious ways ‘she’ works. That’s why in SIESTA we always use the natural materials. They are simply the best. While walking through the park or forest we love to look at the light shining through the leaves. A similar can be seen with while using the Green Lamp. Everyday caring for the plant which is one with the lamp, makes this item of everyday use really close to us. Green Lamp needs our care to live and grow. We designed Green Lamp because we wanted to have nature closer to us in our home, in the city. To make an object of everyday use closer to us. It is a combination of usability and the beauty of nature.

How we make it

The lamp is made of two metal components. Flower pot is formed by an unique craftsman with the technique called “drykowanie” (manual, metal spinning). It’s really unprecedented talent! The method is based on the deformation of metal brass on the spinning form. Prefabricated units go to the locksmith, where there they are welded to stem and laced shade. Shade is made of welded steel bars. After that, everything is powder coated. In painted lamps we install special material braided cables from Cable Power collection. The green lamp is ready!


The lamp is made of steel. Separate elements are welded together and powder coated, thanks to this they are resistant to rust. We are also sure that the pot is completely sealed and safe. The cable is routed inside the leg, having no contact with the soil and plant.


Whats in the box

In the box you’ll find a well-protected lamp with a bulb and user’s guide. We are sending the lamp without the soil and plants. In transport the soil could spill and the plant got damaged. Planting is easy! Make sure to watch our instructional video and you’ll see yourself how easy it is. If you had any questions please concact us by email or skype.

They talk about us

grafika 1

„Presented during DMY Berlin and Tent London earlier this year, the Green Lamp by Siesta has garnered some much-deserved attention. It might be a simple concept, but it has a huge impact on both aesthetic and lifestyle..”(Trendhunter)


„Here’s a “dangerously loveable and perfectly safe” design that’s positively blowing up across the design blogosphere since showing at the London Design Festival and DMY Berlin.” (Mother Nature Network)


„Plant your favorite vine and watch it creep up to create an organic leaf shade you can trim yourself. A little shabby chic but I kinda love it. Bet you never thought your lamp would need sun!” (YankoDesign)

„How green does your table lamp grow?”
Matt Hickman,  MNM

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